Jo v. Sprundel

Jo v. Sprundel (NL) Died: May 4, 2005 on a heart attack. Age: 79. Collected pens for over 64 years!

Chuck Montero

Chuck Montero (USA) Died: May 23, 2005

Welf Tacke

Welf Tacke (D) Died: May 28, 2005 on a heart attack.

Frances Dorman

Frances Dorman (USA) Died: November, 2005

Arthur Twydle

Arthur Twydle (UK) Born 1918- died novemer, 2005, aged 87. The doctor-the grand old man of pen repairing has died in the UK after a short illness. He will be missed so much by his family and all those who have had the privilege of being impressed by his knowledge, youthful enthusiasm and his kindness to all those afflicted with a penchant to repair pens. It is difficult to comprehend a repair debate without Arthur’s expertise being referred to; an uncanny perception of value when buying parts; a master of detail and doing it correctly; a teacher who wanted to sincerely pass on his expertise; a man, who saw possibilities in everyone to repair pens; a very kind gentleman and in his early life a leader, warrior, innovator, businessman and ‘his own man’!. At the pearly gates if you hear the words ‘How much for the lot?’ you’ll know who it is!! (Thanks to Jim Marshall for this statement)



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