Willi Bosner

Willi Bosner (CAN) Born: 1955 - Died: march 19, 2004

Anne Poe Lehr

Anne Poe Lehr (USA) Died: 12 June, 2004

Sue Courtier

Sue Courtier (UK) Sue was born and grew up in Sheffield before graduating in Maths at Liverpool University. Moving to Devon she became a teacher, married, helped run a pub, brought up a family and over the years there were many friends, who felt the warmth of Sues affection and generosity. Her initial interest in antiques was in porcelain and she was one of the first to be involved with those ‘new fangled’ antique fairs in the early 1980s. These events became part of her life and she had a natural flair for such shows. So much so that local organisers would plead with her to attend their events because she added an interesting, educational, informed presence to their shows. She was introduced to pens and writing items by a fellow stall holder and it was not long before she became ‘Queen of the South West shows’ for pens, pencils inkwells and nibs. Sue died in Dec 10, last year. (Thanks to Jim Marshall for the pic and text)

Bobbi Barston

Bobbi Barston (USA) Died: December 16, 2004

Jim Hickman

Jim Hickman, Founder of Newman Pen Co. (USA) Died: December 22, 2004 after a long bout with cancer. He was 68.



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