Mubyo + Takara-zukushi Set (2003)


Pelikan presents fascinating collector's items in its Sovereign M1000 "Maki-e" Edition at the Paperworld 2003. Harmoniously combining its handicraft skills with the traditional Japanese art of lacquer painting, "Maki-e", Pelikan has created these collectable plunger fountain pens.
Unique showpieces with fine engraved nibs of 18 carat gold with platinum ornamentation have been produced through this synthesis. The Pelikan logo on the cap head as well as the series number of the limited edition and the artist's signature have been applied by hand using the "Maki-e" technique. This Japanese art of lacquer painting is well known all over the world for its beauty and artistic value.
"Maki-e" means "painting by sowing gold". This refers to the process of painting with gold, silver and Urushi varnish, produced from the rare sap of the Urushi tree. It takes the artist several weeks to produce a "Maki-e" fountain pen. Combined with the rareness of the materials used, it is no wonder that these extraordinary writing utensils are so valuable.
Following the "Genji" Edition, which aroused the enthusiasm of Pelikan's visitors at the Paperworld 2002, this year, the company is presenting the "Maki-e" duet "Mubyo" and "Takara-zukushi". The motifs of these valuable fountain pens symbolise "health" (=Mubyo) and wealth (=Takara-zukushi), very important concepts in Asian mythology. Both fountain pens have been produced in Urushi varnish with lively patterns, decorated with gold, silver and platinum powder, with enhancing gold and platinum foil and grain accents on a Nashiji background.
The two "Maki-e" fountain pens are only available as set and come in beautiful cases of Pavlov wood. Only 60 sets of this kind will be made available in the whole world.
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Genji Set (2002)


Original Japanese enamelling decorates valuable fountain pens
With the "Genji" Edition of the Soverän M1000, Pelikan is showing fascinating collectors' pieces from the history of writing instruments at the Paperworld 2002. The "Genji" piston fountain pen embodies the art of excellent writing instruments in the harmonious unification of the craftsmanship of the House of Pelikan with the traditional art of Japanese enamelling techniques.
Pelikan has thus created unique masterpieces with finely enchased nibs made of 18 carat gold, with platinum décor adding the finishing touch. The Pelikan logo on the top of the cap, the serial number of the limited edition and the signature of the artist have been added using Maki-e techniques. This Japanese art of enamelling is famous throughout the world for its beauty and artistic value.
"Maki-e" means "painting through sowing gold". It is the term used for the process of painting with materials such as gold, silver and urushi enamel, which is won from the sap of the urushi tree. The artist works for several weeks on every single Maki-e fountain pen. This fact, taken together with the rareness of the materials used, this explains the value of these unusual writing instruments.
The Pelikan "Genji" Edition includes two top-quality fountain pens which represent two figures from the "Story of the Genji", the oldest written Japanese narrative which was written more than 1000 years ago. Both figures are drawn vividly in urushi enamel, decorated with gold, silver and platinum powder and given the finishing touches by gold and platinum foil and grains on a Nashiji background. One of the writing instruments symbolises "Hikaru-Genji", the hero of the tale, represented together with "Genji-gumo", clouds, "Genji-guruma", wheels, and "Aoi", the rose stock, on an exclusive cap. The second fountain pen is dedicated to "Aoi no Ue", the first wife of "Hikaru-Genji". She decorates the housing together with "Genji-gumo", clouds, while "Genji-Koh", frankincense and "Kazura-gusa", vines, are to be seen on the cap.
The "Genji" fountain pens are embedded in a beautiful case made of Pavlov wood. There will only be a total of 60 sets available in the world. The sales price per set is € 14,000.
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Next Maki-E pen issue.
Limited to 88 pieces worldwide.
Retail: approx. $9000.

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