Asian Editions

Golden Dynasty (1994)


This is the first Pelikan asian limited edition. 888 pieces, the rarest one of this series. 18 carat EF to O3B goldnib. Our price: $4500.

Golden Phoenix (1996)


2nd pen of the asian series, ultrarare. Mint and boxed. 888. pieces. 18 carat EF to O3B goldnib. Our price: $3500.

White Tiger (2000)


Beautiful white marbled White Tiger pen, mint and boxed, 18 carat EF to O3B goldnib. One of the most wanted pens, $3000

Xuan Wu (2001)


Only 888 pieces are made! Mint and boxed. 18 carat EF to O3B goldnib. US retail: $2100, our price: $1600.

Kirin (2002)


Again, only 888 pieces. Mint and boxed, US retail: $2100, our price: $1600.

The Goddess of the Moon (2003)


Brandnew limited edition, unfortenally only made for the asian market.
Limited to 568 pieces.
Dedicated to the chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
Based on a M1000 pen, but the shape is different.
Sleeve AND cap are having an etched artwork.Retail ~approx. $2500., $2250

Occasionally, a listed pen is sold out. We wanted to present complete information and pictures of all collectible Pelikan limited editions. Please ask if we have the pen in stock. If it has been sold, we will be happy to try to locate the pen for you. We have worldwide connections that allow us to find 90% of all Pelikan pens.


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