M215 black with routes (2007)


215 series with black rings (2006)


M215 blue with stripes (2005)


M205 (Japan Edition, 2005)


M200, black


M200, blue marbled


M200, green marbled


M200, green demo


M200, red demo


M200, blue demo


M200, gray demo


M + K200, amber demo


D200, pencil green marbled


R200, roller amber


M215 piston filler pen
Heavy pen, with metall barrel!
Barrel has a stripe design, palladium coated.
Piston filler.
Comes with steel F,M or B nib.
Available as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint.
Fountain pen: US retail: $120.
Ballpoint: US retail. $100.
Pencil: not available in US.
Rollerball: US reatil: $110.

Pelikan M205 fountain pen, only made for the asian market, F steel nib, $100.

Pelikan M200 fountain pen. Goldplated nib. EF to OBB size. Piston filler. US retail: $85.
Matching ballpoint, US retail: $70.
Matching rollerball, US retail: $75.
Matching pencil, US retail: $70.



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