M400, green striated


M400, black


M400, blue striated


M400, red striated


M400 (401), honey


M405, black/rhodium


M405, blue striated/rhodium


M405, solid blue/rhodium


K400, ballpoint red striated


D405, pencil, blue striated/rhodium


R400, roller, black


Pelikan M400 fountain pen. 14 carat goldnib. EF to OBB size. Piston filler. US retail: $235.
Matching ballpoint, US retail: $115.
Matching pencil, US retail: $115.
Matching rollerball, US retail: $140.

M420, black/silver


Pelikan M420 pen, very similar to the M730 which is retiered. Solid silver cap and piston. 18 carat goldnib. US retail: $465.
M420 ballpoint: US retail: $400.
M420 pencil: US retail: $400.
M420 rollerball: US retail: $400.

M450, tortoise/gold


M450 pen, tortoise/vermeille (>silvercap with a goldplating), 18 carat goldnib, US retail: $525.
K450 ballpoint.
D450 penci.
R450 rollerball: US retail: $465.



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