Spider, 2005


Spider features

Martini 4th limited edition.
Mady by Dani International.
Limited to 50 fountain pens.
Converter filler.
18 carat rhodinated goldnib.
6 nib sizes: F - FF - FM - M - B - Stub 1.3.
Raden inlay.
Size: closed: 14,8; capped (in writing position): 17,5 cm.
Retail: euro 600.

The Process of Raden Work

The work is 100% Raden by using sea shells, egg shells and other materials. The craftsman has to start with drawings with lines where he plans to put shells on.
Then, transcribe the drawings onto the pens which were already carefully smoothened. The craftsman uses several different chisels to carve along with the drawings for the shells to be set, while he has to clean the dust of ebonite completely from the body and that takes so much time. One pen for this work alone in average will take one to one and half day to finish, and it is not allowed to make any mistake by curving off the lines as it will destroy the whole design and has to start from all over again.

After the curving process, there will be the most quiet and clean work ahead with shell setting. Piece by piece set by hand on epoxy lacquer which needs at least 6 hours to dry was already put into the curved lines. At this time, he has to select shells to set very carefully to avoid any too thick pieces or wrong size pieces, and constantly watch not let the shell moved before the lacquer is dried by turning the barrels.

After the all setting work is done, the six steps of polishing will be taken cared. From rough to fine polishing and then use #200, #400, #800, and #1200 water sand paper to polish the surface until the surface is as smooth as he wants. And then, the final process of bringing the luster out is done by a very experienced polish craftsman.

When he assembles the pens, he has to set the nib to the design first and decide where he has to sign his name on. And finally he use silk cloth to clean the whole pen to complete the work. The craftsman says that the concentration on the work, to pay at most attention to the work and the most patient with the work are needed for crafts like this.



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