Cologne 2004 (more pics)

Our biggest german pen show in Cologne was held on march 27th 2004. Approx. 50 tables were sold to dealers and collectors. The dealers setup started at 10 am, the public camed in at 1 pm. Very buisy show, therefore I made only a few pictures. A lot of guests were coming from outside Germany. We had guests from USA, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, UK and certainly from other countries - which I do not remember anymore.

For forthcoming shows (usally it`s always the last week in march) please contact Stefan Wallrafen:

Wolfgang Gittler


Jürgen Dittmer (author "Pelikan") with his wife


Jens Rösler (author of 2 Montblanc books) and me


Stefan Wallrafen (author of "Collectible Stars" )

 And a reporter

Tom Westerich and Norbert Ott



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