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Welcome to Martini`s Pelikan Section!

Pelikan M600 red striated

We specialize in Pelikan pens. We decided to do that because Pelikan pens are the best quality you can get.
We can get almost all Pelikan limited editions, even if they are sold out.
If you do not see your favorite Pelikan pen on the list, please feel free to ask.
We offer a wide range of vintage Pelikan pens as well.
We can offer you Pelikan pens for special prices, since we buy stock lots, wholesale and re-imports.
Pelikan offers the best repair service! Quick, effective and in most cases without any fees. All Pelikan pens are come with a worldwide 3 year Pelikan guarantee. It, does not matter whether you bought your Pelikan pen online, in a store, from Germany or from your local dealer.
Try to find out WHY we love Pelikan pens....

Part of the "Blue Collection"

Are you looking for a certain pen?
Do you need books, tools, spare parts or ephemera?
Do you want to sell your pens online?
Are you looking for low insertion fees?
Do you hate a percentage fee for reserve prices?
Do you need longer durations for your auctions?
Do you need your own category?
Do you look for serious customers?
Do you like a personal support?
>>>If you answer only a few of these questins with "YES", please have a look at

Have a look at Martini`s own Limited`s!

Blue Sky (2004)

We also are now focusing on creating our own limited editions. Here you see the third Martini limited edition: The Blue Sky fountain pen and Multi Max.
Made by Bexley.
Limited to 100 pieces worldwide (fountain pen) and 50 Multi Max pens.
R. Martini has ben involved in the pen buisiness for more than 25 years. We know what customers expect of a quality writing instrument!
Check the Martini site > Blue Sky for more details.













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